National Swim Awards: Level 8


A jump with tuck entry into water of at least full reach height depth

Tread water for 30 seconds, with head above surface throughout, showing two different methods of kicking and keeping one arm out of the water for 10 seconds

Back somersault starting with a horizontal position

Handstand in shoulder depth water for 5 seconds


Kick 20 metres, using a butterfly kick, without a float and without using hands, 5 metres underwater and 15 metres at surface

Swim 10 metres full stroke butterfly showing basic technique

Swim 50 metres continuously, smoothly, on own choice of stroke(s) showing basic technique throughout and including one turn

Demonstrate a hand touch turn for front crawl covering a distance of 5 metres before and after the turn

Swim 25 metres on either front crawl or back crawl showing efficient technique

Swim 25 metres on either breaststroke or butterfly showing efficient technique