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Updated 2017 Competition calender from June 2017

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Gala Reports  

Haslemere Club Champs 2015

With so many races packed into two days racing so early in the season it was great to see the swimmers’ determination and dedication over the first few weeks of training paid off. Not only were there some great PB’s but as always their skills were outstanding. Known for our streamlining and underwater work it was great to see our older swimmers pushing towards the 15m mark and our younger swimmers holding their position after the dive. There were a number of new Surrey County Championship qualifications and some very competitive tussles for medal positions.

Whilst the two days were thoroughly competitive what was really noticeable was the energetic and positive feel to the whole event. Even in an individual meet such as this there was no doubting the team spirit amongst the swimmers as they supported one another regardless of their own achievements and with a host of parents offering their time to fill volunteer and official roles the support for the championships was really appreciated by all those responsible for its organisation.

Congratulations to all our swimmers for a great start to what promises to be an exceptional year.

Full results can be downloaded here club championship results 2015.pdf

Helen, Head Coach
Godalming Sprint Meet

Run as an evening open meet the Godalming gala is always a fast and furious affair making race prep and feedback for 30 swimmers with 112 swims a military operation for the coaches. Rosie and Alison were thoroughly rewarded for their efforts by the swimmers though with some excellent swims. In just two and a half hours there were 55 personal bests and 20 new times for swimmers adding to their race experience.

There were a number of exceptional swims including:

Robin Wallond                   14.40 second PB            100 Fly

Alexandra Thurston        13.65 second PB               100 BR

Samuel Price                      9.30 second PB               100 BK

Sarah Colom Clayton      13.09 second PB               100 BR

Eric Englehardsten           8.36 second PB               100 BR

Max Wallond                     5.82 second PB                100 BR

Annabel Wallond             7.24 second PB                 50 Free

The 12yr old girls were particularly strong with the top 4 positions in the fly and Breaststroke, the top 5 positions in the Backstroke and the top 6 positions in the Freestyle all going to Haslemere.

As coaches, we work towards swimmers improving the personal bests and are thrilled to see so many at one event but everyone likes a bit of bling and the swimmers’ efforts were rewarded with a nice haul of medals; 17 bronze, 20 silver and an impressive 22 gold.

It was great to see so many swimmers across the age groups taking part and look forward to seeing some more inspiring swims next term with the first competitive event of the new calendar being the club champs.



Saturday Night Academy Gala

On Saturday 4th July the Academy held its first mini gala for all its members. Both swimmers and non-swimmers took part in a number of events including the traditional 25m sprints from the blocks to the woggle egg and spoon race. It was lovely to see over 80 of our Academy and squad members taking part in what was for many their first foray into competitive swimming.

Designed as a gentle introduction to racing with the aid of our volunteer assistants our youngest swimmers (aged 3+) showed us just how determined they could be as they competed over a width in the first hour. Woggle races on their front and back, a variation of the traditional egg and spoon and sea horses gave everyone the chance to compete whilst a freestyle width gave the stronger swimmers the chance to shine.

The second hour saw swimmers graduate to lengths and we were particularly pleased with the number of swimmers taking to the blocks for their starts. Races were swum over 25m and included all four strokes with some heroic efforts on the 25m fly. We were very impressed with the swimmer’s competitive attitude and they really took the opportunity to show us exactly what they could do.

My thanks go to Jane White for her excellent idea and organisation and her team for making it work on the night. Given the great feedback we will have to work to make it a regular feature in the Academy Calendar.

If any of our younger swimmers have been inspired to swim competitively as part of the Haslemere Swimming Club team we have a dedicated pathway from the academy into the squad structure and would love to hear from you.



Dorking ZNA

This year we have worked to include a number of additional team events allowing more of our swimmers to compete under the Haslemere Swimming Club banner. On Saturday 20th June we took a team over to Dorking for the ZNA Team Gala. Swimmers were aged between 9-14yrs and swam a mixture of individual and relay events. A couple of swimmers were competing for the first time away from home – a daunting experience so it was great to see you swimming so well; Maisy, Andrej and Rosie. Special thanks also go to Imogen, Izzy and Rory for some very brave swims out of age group. We had a few particularly good fly swims throughout the evening, some from swimmers who wouldn’t normally swim fly and some from swimmers who never fail to delight; Sammie, Ella, Naomi, Cal and Gracie. I am particularly proud of our swimmers at these events for the team spirit and camaraderie, with older swimmers helping the younger swimmers to enjoy the occasion and cheering each other on right up to the last race. Thank you to everyone who came to represent us and all those parents who gave up their time to support us.

Final Points Sutton Atlantis 97 Haslemere 91 Dorking 153 Wimbledon 136 Tass 53 Sutton 154




Premier League

What an exciting night it was on Saturday 13th June at the Woking pool. Our swimmers definitely arrived ready to impress and looking at the array of PB’s they did just that – 29 individual PB’s in total. We were competing against some stiff competition that definitely brought their A Teams given the number of Regional sweatshirts milling about but our swimmers were far from intimidated.

  • Both our 13yr old swimmers went under 30secs for their 50 free – Sammie and Molly
  • Abigail went under 33secs for the 12yr olds 50 fly
  • Ben and Molly both went under 40secs for the 13yrs 50m Breaststroke
  • Joshua managed a 5 second PB in the 9yr olds 50m Breaststroke
  • Nick swam a very creditable 33.02 in the 11yr olds 50m Backstroke
  • Gracie went 34.14secs in the 9yr olds 50 free breaking her PB for the second time that day.
  • Millie swam a text book 50m fly in the 11yr age group for a time of 33.62
  • Luke also went under 30secs in the 12yrs 50m Breaststroke

These are simply a small number of the individual highlights and a full results sheet can be found as an attachment. At these events it is the relays that often produce the most excitement and with mixed teams of girls and boys we were not disappointed and are proud to report we were the only team throughout the evening not to be disqualified in any event – a testament to the coaches’ coaching and to the swimmers for taking their comments on board. Thank you to everyone who raced their socks off and all the parents and families for their support it was a really great evening.

Final Points Woking 99 Haslemere 141 Sutton 157 Rushmoor 166 Staines 200




President’s cup

On Saturday 30th May it was fantastic to be part of Haslemere Swimming Club’s inaugural “President’s cup.” It is a while since the club has hosted a team event and it was lovely to see so many of our swimmers enjoying the opportunity to compete on home ground. With 3 visiting clubs; Rushmoor Royals, Farnham and Hart it was a very competitive and very noisy evening. At the final count Rushmoor Royals took the cup just ahead of Farnham with Hart in 3rd position. The glorious trophy was donated by our President, Don Stacey and whilst we may not have claimed the spoils this year all our swimmers are looking forward to a rematch next year. For some of the swimmers it was their first taste of competition and there were some great PB’s throughout the age-groups. With a 4 second PB in the 50m Breaststroke Ethan swam a fantastic race closely followed by a lovely 50m Backstroke by Emelia in the 9yr old girls. Both our swimmers in the 12-13yr old age group swam superb 100m IM’s which we look forward to them replicating very soon. Our thanks go to all the home grown and visiting officials for their support and we look forward to an even bigger and noisier event next year.

Final Points Farnham 201 Hart 176 Rushmoor 206 Haslemere 164



Regional Review

Regional Profiles

Swimmer: Abigail Stemp

Age: 12yrs

Qualifying Events: 100m Freestyle 200m Freestyle 800m Freestyle 50m Fly 100m Fly 200m Fly 50m Back 100m Back 200m Back 50m Breaststroke 400m IM

Event Synopsis: Abigail’s natural talent and distinguished work ethic are well reflected in the wide range of events she qualified for this year. With an outstanding fly which saw her reach the 50m, 100m and 200m finals finishing 5th, 5th and 4th respectively she also qualified for a surprise 50m Breaststroke after a phenomenal swim at our open meet in April. Entering the 200m Fly with a time of 2:57.63 Abigail swam a 10 second PB to secure herself a place in the final. Watching the 200m fly swum properly is a joy for any coach but with such an exceptional swim in the heat surely Abigail had nothing left for the final. In her own inimitable style she managed to knock off another 5 seconds bringing her time down to 2:42.36 and a very well deserved 4th place. At this level and at this age a strong IM is the key to future swimming success and with a time of 5:44.32 in the 400 IM it seems nothing can faze her. From 50m Backstroke to 800m Front crawl Abigail is the perfect example of a well-rounded swimmer who has avoided the temptation to specialise too early and continues to go from strength to strength in all strokes and distances.


Swimmer: Molly Nash

Age: 13yrs

Qualifying Events: 50m Freestyle

Event Synopsis: Molly’s Regional success is a testament to our club’s reputation for exceptional racing skills. The slowest qualifier in her age group a text book start with over 10m underwater and 10 strokes before her first breath in her heat Molly fully deserved her place in the final. With a time of 30.01seconds she was tantalisingly close to breaking the 30second barrier and went into the final determine to do just that. Another great start and hard finish saw her finish in Bronze medal position with a time of 29.82. As a member of our Athletic Development Squad Molly’s success shows it is possible to compete at this level in the shorter distances with the right balance of swimming and cross training as long as the swimmer is prepared to take responsibility for their continuing development.


Swimmer: Joe Mullender

Age: 17 and Over

Qualifying Events: 100m Breaststroke 200m Breaststroke

Event Synopsis: As our oldest competitive squad swimmer who has worked his way up through all the squads at Haslemere Swimming Club the entire coaching team takes pleasure in seeing Joe continue to compete at this level. As one of the youngest swimmers in the 17 and over age group Joe swam two very creditable races against dedicated swimmers who don’t try to balance their training with a number of other sporting endeavours. With a swim of 1:12.11 Joe achieved 20th position in the 100m Breaststroke and 14th position in the 200m Breaststroke with a time of 2:36.20. As part of Blue Squad Joe is the perfect example of how our competitive squad structure supports swimmers throughout their long term Athlete Development allowing them to taper their training when other commitments take precedent whilst also providing a programme to take them to this level and beyond.





2015 What a great achievement.  Over three weekends the swimmers of Haslemere Swimming Club have amassed, 6 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze individual medals along with an additional 20 top 8 positions  and a 3rd place for our girls 12-13yrs Freestyle relay putting us 8th in the overall medal table.

A number of changes were introduced to the Surrey County Championships this year influencing the swimmers who were eligible to compete and the standard of competition. The ‘age as at date’ reverted back to the 31st December 2015 in line with the regional’s and National Age Group championship dates.  The youngest age group was raised to 11yrs.  In general,across the board times were more demanding in each age group to limit the number of qualifiers thus allowing the competition to be swum over 3 rather than 4 weekends. Regardless of the changes we had a total of 18 individual qualifiers with 105 swims between them across all of the strokes from 50m to 800m.  We had 7 qualifiers for the 400IM which is a great measure of the depth of our age group swimmers’ abilities across all the strokes. Individual podium successes went to Sophie Spencer and Abigail Stemp.  Sophie achieved 2nd place overall in her age group and was a joy to watch as she took gold with a very commanding performance in the 200m Free.  In all Sophie took home 6 golds, 3 silvers and a bronze medal. Abigail Stemp came 5th in her age group and added to her regional times with a fantastic 200m Butterfly as well as taking the podium for bronze and silver medals. Other great swims saw our younger swimmers finish with some great personal bests and after some very close finals Millie Cant gained a fantastic 6th place in her age group.  Jamie Farthing and Joe Mullender both represented HSC in the the boy’s Breast stroke and put in some excellent performances at either end of the age groups. As always the last day was particularly exciting.  Competing as part of a team in the relays always seems to bring out the best in our swimmers and all 5 teams we entered did a fantastic job. The boys 12-13yrs team, with some late substitutes, swam beyond our expectations in their heats and the 15 & under girls showed us exactly what can be achieved in the face of adversity if you believe in yourselves.  We took three teams in the girls 12-13yrs category and each swam harder and faster than their predicted times.  With a great team effort and after a 5th place in the medley relay; Sophie, Ella, Abigail and Molly powered home for a team bronze in the freestyle relay bringing to a close what  has been a very pleasing County Championships. Listed below are all the swimmers who qualified as individuals in this year’s Surrey County Championships (those in bold qualified in 5 or more events). Abigail Stemp Sophie Spencer Ella Monkman Kim Monkman Joe Mullender Nick King Jamie Farthing Ben Dowson Luke Van Oudtshoorn Ella Grosse Katrina Grosse Millie Cant Zoe Farthing Clemmie Galliano Alistair Roberts Lilly Spencer Molly Fairbairn Molly Nash As a competitive club with mainly age group swimmers (aged 10-14yrs) the County Championships are an important milestone in our competition calendar and our swimming program is devised to give each of our swimmers the opportunity to qualify for an individual event.  In line with British swimming and long term athlete development we do not specialise in certain strokes or distances but aim to give our swimmers a solid foundation on which to build their competitive pathway. Qualification at county, regional and ultimately National level can be dependent on a number of variable’s some within and some outside the swimmer’s scope of influence which is why as a club we celebrate all our swimmer’s successes whatever the level. Helen Nash, Head Coach – March 2015